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I have to lay tiles in a future bathroom and I know I have to put a waterproof product with strips. I bought the kit but I can not understand how it is installed. Can you enlighten my lantern?

The purpose of a water-repellent product is to seal the substrate, floor and wall tile to the remaining "weak spots" in the long term, as the joints deteriorate over time.
The strips delivered with waterproof products are to be laid in the corner of the walls, the connection of the walls and the floor, and wherever there is a risk of penetration of water (cracks, supports made of different materials, etc.).
You must first apply water-repellent to the areas concerned, then apply the strips (which are usually pre-pre-folded in their center) carefully on these areas, allow to dry, then cover all the walls and floor of this same water-repellent product.

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