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AquaspondA significantly reduces the use of chemical treatments in swimming pool waters. The swims are sweeter for the swimmers and it is a plus for the environment.

Aquasponda: treatment of the pool water


chitosan to treat the pool water

AquaspondA is composed of a natural marine polymer, chitosan (pronounced kitozan), which acts like a magnet by fixing on its surface the bacteria, algae spores and sunscreen residues present in the bathing water. It thus reduces more than 50% the use of chemical treatments that cause bad odors, attack the skin, eyes and hair and are harmful to the environment.


pool treatment

The use of AquaspondA does not require any modification of the filtration system. Placed in the prefilter basket so filtered water flows through it, it's as simple as that. Its absorbent capacity has beneficial effects on water for 15 days. Biodegradable, it contributes fully to sustainable development.


chitosan for swimming pool

Chitosan has been used for many years in the composition of cosmetics, for its non-allergenic and moisturizing properties in skincare creams, dietetics, or in agricultural environments thanks to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects. AquaspondA has been studied by the independent laboratory ECOSITE, a specialist in the field of biotechnology applied to water treatment in order to validate its properties. Depending on the environmental conditions, AquaspondA reduces the use of chemical treatments by 50 to 80%. AquaspondA also won the special Ecoproduct Prize for Sustainable Development in 2005.


Without changing the filtration and reducing more than 50% the use of chemicals, the use of AquaspondA does not increase the pool maintenance budget. In addition, the water is less saturated and does not need to be renewed every 4 years as it is usually recommended.
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