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Among the different types of pergola, the garden arbor can be an interesting solution to shelter your meals or your moments of relaxation.

Garden arbours

Garden arbours

The essentials on garden arbours

An arbor is a freestanding construction in the garden, that is to say it is not leaning against any wall of your garage or your house, as is the case of the awning for example, or some garden sheds. It protects you from the UV to spend pleasant moments outside during the beautiful season.

Garden arbor: a multitude of shapes and sizes

Several forms of arbours are available on the market: round or oval, square or rectangular. Depending on the region where you are, you can opt for a specific form of roof, so that your arbor resists well to the climatic conditions: wind, rain... You can thus have an arbor with flat roof, sloping or triangular.

There are small arbours as models as large as living rooms. Ranging from about 5 m2 to over 30 m2, an arbor can indeed allow you to shelter a small living room of garden, or invite dozens of people at an event you want to celebrate in your garden.

What are the different types of arbor?

You can buy a removable arbor. In most cases, these models are foldable to be more practical to disassemble and take up less space during cold seasons. Folding and dismountable arbours are generally provided with a metal structure, and are covered with canvas.

If your choice is towards a fixed arboryou have a greater choice of materials. The wood is very often used, and gives a warm atmosphere to your garden. A metal arbor can be wrought iron, aluminum or steel. Depending on the metal used, the properties of the arbor and the necessary maintenance may differ.

How much does a garden arbor cost?

Many indicators affect the price of your arbor. In general, a removable arbor costs less than a fixed model. Choosing a metal arbor may be more expensive than a wooden version. The price can vary from € 30 to € 2,000, even go up to more than 4 000 €.

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