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When the settings on the post and the electrode have been well chosen according to the thickness of the parts, the success of a welding is no more than a matter of gesture, especially if the operation is carried out at the MMA arc.

MMA arc welding

Good welding

Fully realized arc welding

The cord is slightly curved and of uniform width, corresponding to 1.5 to 2 times the diameter of the electrode. To obtain such a result, it is necessary to ensure a regular displacement of the electrode while maintaining it at a constant distance from the workpiece, and that while it melts!

Adjustment intensity too low

Welding done with too little intensity

The bow did not melt the piece; the electrode sank and landed on the surface without penetrating the metal.

Intensity too strong

Welding performed with too much intensity

Projections have ruined the weld; the heat burned the edges of the cord and damaged the metal.

Insufficient arc length

Weld made with insufficient arc length

The electrode is held too close to the part; it melts too quickly and settles without penetrating the plate.

Arc length too large

Weld made with too long arc length

The electrode is held too far from the parts; the fusion bath bubbles, creates projections, the room is hollowed around the cord.

Speed ​​too slow

Welding done with too slow a speed

The metal is deposited in large blocks; the bow stays too long in the same place and damages the plate around the cord.

Speed ​​too fast

Weld done with a speed too fast

The plate does not have time to heat well and the filler metal simply remains on the surface.

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