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I have the opportunity to buy a house architect 1976, concrete construction apparent, many windows and roof vegetable. I ask myself a lot of questions to know: 1-Longevity of concrete and defects to take into account 2-insulation: the outer and inner walls are in apparent concrete, the concrete is a good insulator and is it compatible with large windows for thermal bridges. the house has a surface of 350 m2 approximately, currently heated with oil, I am afraid to have a monstrous note of fuel. 3-roof vegetalise what is the duration of a planted area, how to check if it is in good condition? thank you in advance for your answers which can only help me in my decision to take.

Apart from granite, there is no less insulating building material than poured concrete. Considering the architectural character of the house that you evoke, you will have to envisage a solid interior insulation (layer of insulation of at least 10 to 20 cm on frame with doubling in plasterboard facing being the best solution)... and analyze the thermal quality of your windows (which must be double glazed) The DPE (energy perfromance diagnosis will inform you precisely on the classification of the house (which has the chance to be F or G). Once the insulation of the envelope has been achieved, you may want to consider maintaining the installation, including your flue-boil boiler, but with the addition of a heat pump which, if recognized as the main source of heat, The green roof is a good place for insulation Check the ceiling of the rooms on the top floor to see if it is waterproof. ssionnalism of the builders and the quality of those who have planted this terrace.

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