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Water and electricity do not mix, so zoning is essential to ensure the safety of the bathroom. According to standard NF C15-100 / A2, the bathroom is divided into four volumes, each welcoming a specific type of electrical equipment. Find in this article the electrical safety zones of a bathroom.

Electrical safety zones in a bathroom

Electrical safety zones in a bathroom

Bathroom: the four electric volumes

Volume 0 is the space in your bathroom that is occupied by a shower or bath. It is therefore the most sensitive area of ​​the room, all electrical equipment is obviously prohibited.

Volume 1 is the space above your shower or tub. This area extends up to 2m25 high and can accommodate some fixtures and switches very specific.

Volume 2 is the outside area of ​​your bath or shower and extends in a 60 cm and 2m25 high radius. Some standard elements (luminaires, heaters, outlets) can be installed under conditions.

Volume 3 corresponds to all that is left of the space available in the bathroom. Different devices can be connected, although their installation face again subject to standards.
Install an electrical appliance according to the safety zones.

Install an electrical appliance according to the safety zones

ZonedEquipmentProtection measures
Volume 0Lighting- IP Rating 27
- Class III
- STEL (located in volume 3)
Volume 1Luminaires or switches- IP Rating 24
- Class III
Instant water heater- Class I + 30 mA
Accumulation water heater- Class I (30 mA recommended)
Volume 2Heating devices- Class II + 30 mA
- IP Rating 23
Lighting- Class II
- IP Rating 23
Shaver socket (20 to 50 VA)- Separation transformer
- Class II
- IP Rating 23
Volume 3All devices
(heating, water heater, switch,
fixture, washing machine, drying, etc.)
- Class I
- 2P + T 30 mA sockets


  • Class I: electrical equipment to be connected to the earth.
  • Class 2: electrical equipment with double insulation and no grounding.
  • Class 3: Class 2 electrical equipment equipped with a SELV transformer.
  • SELV: Very Low Voltage Transformer Safety.
  • 2P +: bipolar plugs with earth.

Video Instruction: Bathroom Zones BS7671 Wiring Regulations