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The armored door shines by the quality of its resistance. At a time when burglaries tend to develop, the armored door is an incomparable security asset.

The armored door, foolproof protection

The armored door guarantees you unsurpassed security with a standard door. Guarantee of reliability, it is more robust and resistant attempts to break in, which discourages possible burglars. Indeed, studies show that on average, after three minutes, a thug goes away on his own if he has failed to enter your home.

There are two types of armored door:

  • The armored door block, by far the most effective solution. Real block, the door and its frame form only one. Very resistant, this type of door is almost inviolable. However, the installation requires substantial work where it is necessary to be meticulous. Go through a professional is more than recommended. Another drawback, the armored door block is almost only available in series,
  • An already existing standard door which is shielded in a second time. For this a armored building is added. More economic and easy to install, this solution displays a clearly lower resistance than that offered by a shielded door unit. It remains a solution in cases where a modification of the installation is impossible.

Beyond the type of armored door you choose, the security offered by such a door depends on:

  • the pose. The more it will be performed seriously and accurately and the higher the security offered by your armored door,
  • the lock. Be particularly vigilant on this point! The lock is just as much a safety factor as the door itself. During the acquisition, your armored door unit must be equipped with a A2P lock, which is intended to resist burglary. This certification displays from one to three stars, which indicate the resistance of the lock to an attempted break-in. One star represents five minutes, two stars for ten minutes and three for a quarter of an hour,
  • similarly, if you are shielding an already existing door, opt for the installation of an A2P certified lock. It will cost you 500 to 800 euros,
  • the certification of your armored door block. Privilege a certification issued by the National Center for Prevention and Protection, a pledge of quality. Your armored door unit will then be classified from AP2 PB1 to AP2 PB3 according to its characteristics.

The armored door, aesthetics and hidden assets

The era of non-aesthetic armored doors is over. Today, they integrate perfectly with the charm of the houses. Armored door units, however, will be more aesthetic than simple armored doors.

On the materials side, note that:

  • a sheet metal Steel shielding should be added to an already existing door to shield it. Similarly, a door block will be shielded with steel. So think that your door will be heavy,
  • armored doors in glass exist,. In this case it will be necessary to opt for a glass burglar-proof,
  • thehabillage offers a wide range of choice. Paintings, imitations, wood cladding... Rich possibilities to adapt to each home.

The benefits of the armored door do not stop there. Indeed, depending on the elements that will compose it, and therefore your budget, your armored door may be:

  • firewall. The majority are in compliance with the legislation in force. Remember to check this point before making your purchase,
  • insulating, both thermally and sonically. The quality of the basic insulation on an armored door can be reinforced by means of finance. An investment to put into perspective in view of the energy savings it will produce,
  • hermetic air, water and wind. Plus this criterion, called AEV, will be quality, plus your door block will be weather resistant while requiring lessinterview.

Price side, depending on the level of quality of your security door, the budget will vary more or less.

Price range for an armored door as standard:

Armored door blockDoor shield with lock
Entry level1 500 €1 000€
Top of the line4 500 €1 300€

Attention, this cost is to relativize. If buying a reinforced door block is more expensive than having an already existing door blistered, the work required to install a door block is much less, and therefore more economical, than with an armored door.