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Lay out his dining room.

The dining room is a living space intended to share meals with family or friends. Whether located in the living room or as a separate room, it deserves our full attention in order to be as pleasant and as warm as possible. So, to enjoy your dinners and your lunches in a friendly atmosphere and a neat decor, this week DuitDesign offers some tips on

The furniture.

Lay out his dining room: the table

The table is the central element around which the rest of the room is articulated. It must therefore be carefully chosen according to the space available to you, the number of people who make up your home, the frequency with which you receive, as well as the style you want to give to your dining room, all without exceed your budget. You will then go to the chairs, preferably if you prefer models with large and comfortable seat, matching or mismatched, but always in keeping with the tone of the decoration. Finally, you will buy some storage to put the dishes and the table linen, for example a buffet, a console, a dresser or failing a solid shelf. Once the table, chairs and storage are installed, it would be better to stay there so as not to overload the room. Be careful when choosing your furniture, make sure that the set is not too bulky to move easily from one end to the other of your dining room.

The luminaries.

Lighting has a place of choice in the dining room. Thus, it is essential to give all your attention to fixtures and their arrangement if you do not want to dine in a too dark atmosphere Ideally, it is advisable to install a point of light above or in the middle of the table so to illuminate its entire surface. If however this solution seems difficult to envisage, a halogen floor lamp installed in a corner of the room will do the job. If you want to create a warmer atmosphere, you can also multiply the points of light directly on the table, but also on the walls. For more originality, do not hesitate to play on the colors of the bulbs to surprise your guests and eat in a unique setting.

The decoration.

Design your dining room: create the atmosphere

With some accessories, a little common sense and a lot of imagination, you will create a dining room that looks like you. You can, for example, dress walls and floors with all types of coverings, while making sure to choose robust materials that are easy to clean... You can also personalize the room, by hanging paintings, posters or photos on your walls.. However, be careful not to clutter it with an excess of small trinkets that quickly produce a feeling of disorder (and are not really up to date.)... Finally if you want to change the decor of your dining room, the fact of changing your tablecloth, your curtains, your carpet or adding fabric covers will give you an impression of novelty without breaking the bank.

If your budget is limited, Tinkerbrush strongly encourages you to turn to the second hand market, for example on the Internet, flea markets or sales depots, where you will find everything you need and more, at unbeatable prices! Allow at least seventy euros for a table, four chairs and a small storage.

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