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Set up a garden for children

As soon as spring returns, the garden becomes a great playground for children. To run, jump, climb, play and especially have fun, the youngest need a number of games and equipment. Essential for stimulating the psychomotor abilities and imagination of children, outdoor activities have become a real business. This week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to design the ideal playground.

The unavoidable

Taken into the public gardens, the slides and swings are the star products of the summer. No need to resist, your cherubs will eventually make you crack. Source of pleasure but also of danger, they should not be chosen lightly.

Set up a garden for children: garden

So avoid buying favorites and set selection criteria. Once again, safety and solidity are essential. First of all, make sure that the chosen model is well adapted to the size and age of your children. It must also comply with the safety standards in force. For slides, we advise you to provide a handrail at the ladder and a small carpet at the arrival of the slide to cushion the bad falls. As for gantries and swings, they must have sufficiently spaced apparatus to avoid collisions. Carefully choose the location of the play area, which must be located on perfectly level and stable ground, well cleared and preferably on turf.

A corner to hide

Set up a garden for children: children

To have fun away from prying eyes, to tell secrets or simply to taste the youngest people love huts. In wood, plastic or canvas, there is only the embarrassment of choice. Foldable and cheap, fabric tents will delight small campers as well as small budgets. Better equipped, the plastic or wooden houses are generally equipped with doors and windows to make like the big ones. Regret an excessive purchase price for a toy that will only serve a few years. If you have the time and the envy we encourage you to build a real treehouse.

The toddler's corner

Less adept than their elders, toddlers are not less attracted by the garden, which awakens their senses and develops their motor skills.

Set up a garden for children: corner

They particularly appreciate the sandboxes and wading pools, which must be impeccable hygiene. There are also baby swings that keep them securely attached. Keep in mind that baby must be constantly monitored, even with the safest toys.

The corner to let off steam

Packed with energy and vitality, juniors love sports. In order to have fun while having fun, you will find plenty of equipment that will keep you busy for the whole afternoon. For football fans, invest in a goal cage, volleyball net, ping-pong or basketball hoop. For budding gymnasts, choose a trampoline or balance string.

The corner of news

More and more widespread, the zip lines will make the happiness of your children who will be able to evolve altitudes between the trees of gardens. Another novelty of the summer, the slides aquaslide, plastic tarpaulins to install at the end of the slide and wet for even more sledding and fun.

Whatever the equipment chosen, do not forget to check that they comply with European standards. In the garden as elsewhere, with children safety comes first.

Hélène David - HandymanDuenchie - May 16, 2008

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