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A child's room must be practical, playful and to his liking. The child obviously spends some time there to sleep, but he can also play there, do his homework, etc. The layout of his room must therefore be consistent with his activities. Find here all our advices to arrange a room for child.

Fit a child's room

Fit a child's room

Children's room: everyone's tastes!

For him to feel good, a child's room must be arranged according to his tastes. Indeed, if the decoration of the baby room was then the only decisions of his parents, he does not hear any more from this ear from 3 years.

The room must be custom to best reflect the personality of its small occupant.

It is essential to rely on what the child likes to arrange his room. He must therefore be involved in:

  • the choice of colors;
  • the choice of theme (superheroes, pirates, cars, princesses, butterflies...)

Fit a child's room: the choice of bed

  • Generally, the baby bed must be changed around 2 years old. We then opt for a bed without bars of 140 cm.
  • Around the age of 4, you can opt for a bed at mid-height that allows greater freedom in the development of the room.
  • From 6 years old, the mezzanine bed can be considered. A playground can be created under the bed, to the delight of the little ones.

Orientation of the bed: it is generally advised toorient the head of the bed to the North or East and away from the gate.

What furniture for the development of a child's room?

A child's room must evolve according to his needs. In order not to buy new furniture every 3 years one can opt for an evolutionary furniture.

Storage furniture must be easily accessible and simple to use. Thus, the child can undertake without difficulty the storage of his room.

Some practical solutions:

  • invest in wheeled bins;
  • the timeless toy box (with protection to prevent the lid from closing violently on the small fingers);
  • wall shelves installed at the height of the child;
  • the low wardrobe (~ 1 m high).

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