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The multimedia offer proposed by the access providers (orange, free, sfr...) allows to benefit, via their "box", of very many services... On the other hand, to connect the equipment which are the connected televisions, consoles of games, or computers to the network, it is necessary to install a communication box.

Video, music, telephone... A communication box makes it possible to create a real multimedia network

Video, music, telephone... A communication box makes it possible to create a real multimedia network

A multimedia installation to the standard

Computer, connected TV, game console... are no longer confined to a single function, but provide access to many services and multimedia content included in the various offers offered by the providers of access (ISP). However, to enjoy both in the living room in an office or a room, you must create a specific network (called low current) to route the data. Please note that the standard NF C 15-100 requires you, in the context of a new construction, the establishment of a communication box and installation of RJ45 plug. The number of these depends on the surface of the house. So for a T1, you have to put 2 RJ45 sockets; for a T2, 3 RJ45 sockets; for a T3 and up, 4 RJ45 sockets.

A communication box for every need

A box to distribute the data

A box to distribute the data

If the installation of a communication box does not present great difficulties, you must choose a model that corresponds to your needs. For this you have the choice between 4 types of communication cabinet classified by grade (from 1 to 3 + S).
• Grade 1 : this communication box allows to distribute the telephone, the TV by ADSL and to have a Internet network of a flow of 100 Mbit. If this level is suitable for most habitats less than 100 m2, it can be completed by a coaxial module to receive the channels of TNT using a rake antenna or parabola.
• Grade 2 In addition to the capabilities of the Grade 1 cabinet, it allows you to have a broadband internet network (up to 1 Gbit) and to carry data such as video and TV program from the box of your access provider.
• Grade 3 and 3 + S : These communication boxes allow you to distribute via the multimedia network all data on RJ45 sockets. Note that the "Grade 3 + S" has a data brewing and detection mode, which, depending on the model, is done manually, semi-manually or automatically.
Whatever the model, choose a scalable box that can be equipped with a switch to be able to further evolve your computer network.

A network cable that provides the throughput

Essential for routing data, used cables must be able to route data without reducing their throughput. If to connect a TV to an antenna (or dish) via a splitter, just use a coaxial cable, the choice of network cable requires a little attention. Indeed, the speed of data transmission depends on the capabilities of the cable used. Available in different categories, it is advisable to use computer cable category 6 or 6a which can both pass all kinds of data. The second one (cat.6a) has a higher throughput, which is ideal for creating the most efficient local computer network.

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