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Back pain, body aches... The cause of most sleep disorders, bedding in poor condition or inappropriate. To remedy this, the choice of the mattress is essential. In addition to morphological considerations and feelings, taking into account data such as location or frequency of use is essential. Tips for choosing the right mattress
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Foam, latex, spring choose a mattress suitable for sleeping well

Foam, latex, spring choose a mattress suitable for sleeping well

Latex: for allergies and perspiration problems

Traditionally made from rubber, a natural material, the latex mattress can also result from the transformation of a synthetic compound. Consequence, a perfect control of its composition which guarantees mattresses advised in case of allergies. The honeycomb or perforated structure of latex mattresses ensures optimal ventilation. Ideal for evacuating moisture from the coating in case of heavy perspiration, the choice of latex is also recommended for poorly insulated homes or subject to temperature variations. Another advantage of the latex mattress, precise support that allows a perfect independence of sleeping. A criterion to consider when sleeping as a couple.

Foam: everything is possible

Foam mattresses offer a variety of comforts depending on the budget allocated. Thus, the first price mattresses are foam, like memory foam mattresses, among the most expensive on the market. Elastic and lightweight, the foam offers a good sleeping comfort, provided you choose a sufficiently thick and dense mattress. To sleep according to your age, reserve the entry-level mattresses for the occasional bedding, holiday home or extra bed for example. By modulating the body's points of contact to best suit each morphology, the honeycomb system of shape memory mattresses gives it unparalleled elasticity and comfort. Be careful however, like all foam mattresses, it is sensitive to temperature variations and humidity. Not recommended in case of perspiration and insulation problem.

Springs: firmness and independence

With spring mattresses, support is guaranteed. Provided, however, to check the number of springs of the mattress; it must be sufficient to ensure uniform maintenance of the entire body. Fans of very hard surface coatings will appreciate the continuous wire springs. If, in addition, they have perspiration problems, they will have found their ideal mattress. Very airy, spring mattresses are recommended for perspiring sleepers. The independence of sleeping allows to sleep with two without feeling the movements of the person next door. Recommended for couples of very different builds and morphology, for light sleepers and for all tranquility lovers in general, the pocket spring mattress guarantees a great independence of sleeping.

The bed base, a point not to neglect

The bed frame plays an important role in the comfort of the bedding. Essential supplement of the mattress, it assures support and ventilation and gives more or less firmness to the whole. No question of neglecting the choice of the bed base which is the real basis of sleeping. If slatted bases are suitable for all types of mattresses, spring beds are reserved for spring mattresses. The next choice is between the slatted bed bases, offering more flexibility and the slatted bedspreads, which ensure firmness and great ventilation.

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