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Natural gas is a low-carbon energy2 and particularly competitive over time compared to all other energies. This energy with multiple benefits is channeled through the natural gas distribution network operated by GRDF. As the main grid operator in France, GRDF ensures the reliability of the distribution network and the availability of natural gas, as part of its public service mission whatever your supplier. Focus on this key player in the energy market.
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GRDF a company at your service

French company created in December 2007, GRDF manages the natural gas distribution network in France. Among its missions, GRDF transports and distributes natural gas throughout France for thirty or so suppliers. If GRDF does not sell or install any equipment, the company does, however, maintain daily the natural gas distribution network while developing it.

The main mission of GRDF is to connect homes to the natural gas network under the best conditions of quality and safety.

To make the most of the benefits of natural gas, GRDF's teams ensure the availability of natural gas every day. If you want to benefit from natural gas in your new or old home, GRDF is responsible for connecting your home to the natural gas distribution network and offers you its best specialists to assist you in your project.

The distribution of natural gas: explanations

GRDF answers your questions about natural gas

Individual or professional, if you have questions about natural gas, GRDF provides you with all the useful information on this energy and its uses.
Indeed, GRDF experts inform you, no matter which energy supplier you choose on:

  • the gas solutions the most efficient and different uses of natural gas,
  • the energy savings possible by choosing natural gas,
  • public aid available to change your heating system and choose natural gas [1]
For more information to progress in your natural gas project, contact a GRDF expert by clicking here: //
[1] Subject to compliance with the conditions of eligibility (more information on //

Natural gas: an economic energy

Invoice heating natural gas oil

Comparative cost of energy 2016 **

Currently natural gas is one of the most competitive energies on the market, offering heating solutions performance while ensuring lasting comfort. Financial, equipment and energy allow you to save up to 500 euros per year *. But to take advantage of these advantages, the installation of a gas condensing boiler (replacing your old boiler for example) is to be expected. Indeed, this type of boiler makes it possible to reduce 20% energy bill compared to a standard boiler. Other advantages: it allows to enjoy a stable heating comfort even in winter, to achieve and maintain a constant performance, to recover the latent heat of the water vapor for a yield greater than 100%... Si the installation of a condensing boiler represents a cost, you can reduce the bill by benefiting from public aid.

A powerful energy for tomorrow

By allowing everyone to reduce their energy consumption while enjoying a great thermal comfort, natural gas is an energy that perfectly meets the energy requirements of today but also tomorrow with homes and homes less energy consuming. Nearly 11 million consumers have already made the choice of natural gas in France. Why not you?

Energy is our future, save it!

Legal Notice:
(*) Example of a detached house built from 1988, with a surface area of ​​110 m², located in zone H1 (north). Typical annual requirements: heating = 10,000 kWh; ECS = 2,000 kWh; equipment yields according to 3CL-DPE method. Energy prices: annual averages 2001-2015. Subscriptions included (for the electric solution, differential subscription of 12 kVA double tariff / 6kVA single tariff.

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