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Have a wooden house built

Massively widespread in North America, wooden construction is gradually finding its place in France. Ecological, natural and sustainable, the wooden construction responds to contemporary environmental issues and, as such, is more and more appreciated. To choose a wood house builder, you must have a clear construction project and choose the right people.

Why and how to build wooden?

When we speak of a wooden house, we designate mainly a building whose structure and / or frame are made of wood (as opposed to a traditional house built of cinder block or brick). Concretely, this means that vertical and horizontal pieces of wood (uprights and crosspieces or beams and poles) will be assembled to form the skeleton of the house (frame house) or, more rarely, its walls.
Frame House
As a wooden frame house (or MOB), the walls and walls can be mounted and dressed in wood or in traditional building materials.
Massive house
There is also the technique called solid wood (fused or plank) in which solid wood elements are stacked and assembled at an angle by interlocking. Also note the technique of massive panels (confidential with us).

Benefits of the wood house

Resistant construction
Contrary to what the fable of the three little pigs suggests, the wooden constructions are extremely resistant. Even very tall buildings can be built using this technique, and records are regularly beaten by wood frame towers. In addition to its strength, the wood is extremely resistant to fire, it is durable (more than brick for example) and it is excellent insulation. Its thermal inertia is however less interesting than that of stone. Wood is a good insulator but, especially in framed version, it is necessary to provide efficient insulation.

An ecological material
In these times of global warming, wood is an ecological material (especially since it will be bought locally) and it makes it possible to implement less polluting sites.
A wood frame construction requires less foundation than traditional masonry construction. This feature allows it to adapt to more hostile environments (steep, unstable or limestone terrain). The wood is light and easy to transport and its implementation is relatively fast, the construction time is therefore shortened, which minimizes costs and reduces the environmental impact of construction. Well treated and well implemented, the wood is not subject to moisture and rot (hence few insecticide treatments), but we must nevertheless keep a close eye on its evolution and carry out a maintenance of the facade regularly.

Ask the right questions, make the right choices
If the strengths of the wooden house are numerous and convincing, do not neglect the technical requirements of this type of construction. You must know how to ask the right questions and make the right technical choices when dealing with a professional home builder.

The construction techniques of the wooden house

A licensed and qualified professional
We must remain vigilant about the qualifications of the professional who will be in charge of the site. Some wooden houses are proposed in the form of prefabricated kit in workshop and are installed on site in a few days, after pouring a concrete support slab.
To call on a recognized professional, it is to guard against the risks of workmanship and to make sure of a form of control on the budget and the delays of the building site. It is recommended to choose this professional among the companies declared, registered and whose implementation is clearly indicated. Indeed, this will ensure that this professional has mandatory legal insurance (decennial insurance, professional liability, etc.) and that it involves a qualified and competent staff. These insurances are obligatory. It is necessary to verify on the estimate, before signing it, that the number of insurance is well mentioned and not hesitate to ask the certificate of this one in validity.

The house construction contract
The CCMI is an important factor of tranquility (although it is not mandatory, some banks require it before granting a loan). In particular, it protects against delays in delivery or even non-performance of work. Its counterpart is a certain lack of originality in the projects.

Trust indices
The reputation of a professional is always difficult to evaluate when one is not one's own specialist. But some elements can be evaluated objectively and guide in choosing the right builder.
- You should avoid choosing a wooden house builder that offers them as a kit at a price and in a time well below the offers of the competition. If all the prices of a market are in a range, there is a reason: some costs can not be compressed without compromising the quality of the work.
- Do not hesitate to ask questions and ask to see "homes", but also older or ongoing yards. A quality professional will not hesitate to show a complete list of all his achievements, which is a good indicator of confidence.
- As for all home construction projects, the call to an architect is not only mandatory from 150 m2 but strongly recommended below this surface. It is the same for a project manager (if the project management is not provided by the architect), who always knows the local contractors well and will help to select them. However, we must remain vigilant on prices, do not hesitate to compare offers and to play the competition (including between architects and contractors).
In any case, it is essential to take out a property damage insurance.

Finally, different standards and labels exist and are managed by professional associations. The labels QUALIBAT, FACEMOB, Maisons Bois 21, Constructions Bois 21, CTB COB, CTB OB, and the eco-labels PEFC and FSC (only for wood) constitute reference standards to be taken into account. The manufacturers subscribe voluntarily and undertake to respect the standards specific to each label. The label NF Individual House and House of Quality apply to all types of construction.

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