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A coating applied with a spray gun reaches small areas because the coating material is sprayed before reaching the surface to be painted. There are two models: air guns and electric guns. The choice between these two tools depends on the work to be done. It is also important to take into account their respective operations. In addition, we must not forget the precautions to be followed before and after handling this type of device.

Air pistol

It is a pistol with a pneumatic system. This unit is connected to an air compressor. The latter is combined with a medium or high pressure gun. It presents a perfect quality of application and a high yield. This tool is suitable for large areas such as ceiling and finishing work.

In order to obtain a vertical throw, it is advisable to place the ears of the hat horizontally. As you spray the paint, be sure to move constantly and slowly. This action avoids sagging and the formation of thick layers. Several kinds of paint can be applied by this device.

Painting: choose between an electric gun and an air pistol: pistol

Electric paint gun

This type of gun works with an electromagnet motor. It is equipped with a piston and a powerful and precise jet. It allows to spray the paint in a minimum time without altering the quality of it. This accessory is light and easy to handle compared to other spray guns.

It is a high pressure device. It is suitable for ordinary work such as renovating a house. This can be the painting of the facade, the wall, the ceiling, the floor, etc. Apart from painting, this type of gun can be used to apply varnish, oil or anti-rust products.

Tips and advice:

Precautions and tips should be considered before and after using the spray gun:

Be sure to adjust the nozzle nozzle to the desired thickness;

Next, make sure to protect the area around the application surface with thick paper;

Regarding the electric model, consider matching the length of the wire to the distance of the wall to be painted;

After using the gun, empty the bucket and fill it with white spirit or water. In the case of an electric gun, pour vaseline oil. Then spray everything;

At the end, unravel the nozzle with a brush.

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