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Choose a home insurance

The home insurance is intended to financially protect the tenants or the owners of a property in case of disaster. The question of home insurance arises when moving into a new home, during a move or when considering changing the contract. To choose the contract that corresponds to your needs and pay the right price, you must take home insurance that meets the housing characteristics, the total value of the property and the profile of the subscriber. There are many offers on the market and a little method is needed to make the right choice. It is also most often a "multi-risk" whose coverage goes well beyond housing.

Choose a housing contract based on your profile

Not all insureds have the same needs. For example, a student living with a roommate in a rented apartment, a family owning a large house, or a young single living in an apartment will not be offered the same benefits at the same rate. The nature of the property is also to be taken into account: the needs are not the same for a Principal residence or for a second home, in the new one or in the former. Only one multi-risk insurance covers, in the event of a disaster, damage to third parties and property.

To estimate the total value of his property

This is a crucial step in choosing a good home multi-risk insurance. To accurately estimate one's property, one must be precise and estimate all that is in the dwelling. Should thus be evaluated:

  • the furniture,
  • the clothing, shoes and accessories,
  • the jewelry,
  • the valuables and precious objects (the insurers distinguish the two, it is necessary to inquire on their criteria),
  • the works of art and others decorative objects valuable,
  • the washing up,
  • the books, CD, DVD,
  • the electronic material.

Ideally, keep a proof of purchase: rather than keeping everything in "paper" files (which can be destroyed during a disaster), it may be good to systematize the scan invoices, receipts and receipts via a dedicated application on his smartphone or in a "cloud". For the most important goods, it is necessary to take photos and attach them to the insurance contract. It is also important toto estimate as accurately as possible the value of his property: an overestimate would be a miscalculation since it would increase the amount of the annual contribution.

Calculate the number of coins according to the criteria of the insurer

Not all insurers calculate the volume to be insured in the same way. To obtain a fair price and a good evaluation of its needs, it is necessary to take into consideration the method of calculating the insurer. It is thus possible that a large room counts for two: everything fits in the definition of "large room" (30 m² in one against 40 m² in the other).
This point is essential: the number of coins is the first criterion on which insurers rely to calculate a home insurance quote.

What type of insurer?

In the insurance market, the players are numerous and it is not always easy to navigate: anonymous insurance companies, banking institutions and mutual insurance companies offer similar products, but do not belong to the same internal and economic dynamics. All are governed by the Insurance Code.

  • Banks. Banks often market home insurance policies directly or through subsidiaries or insurance companies. Despite the desire to collect all its contracts (banking and insurance), it is not always the most advantageous option. As always, you have to compare offers with equal guarantees.
  • Insurance companies. They are commercial companies, that is, private companies that offer paid insurance services (via a contract) in order to make a profit. Some are very old. They generally offer strong contracts and guarantees, but are not always the most economical.
  • Mutual insurance companies. They are not-for-profit civil societies that donate their profits to all members and members. The members here are all those who have "adhered" to the insurance contract (where there is talk of "underwriting" for private for-profit companies). Their rates are generally advantageous.

How to buy insurance?

Several solutions are available to the individual. In the past, contact with insurance was generally done by a general agent or a broker, who was well established, in the form ofa shop like any other service trader. This solution is increasingly rare.
In an increasing number of cases, the subscription of a contract is made today by Internet, after a selection via a specialized comparator then an online broker. This simplification often leads to the "least saying", that is to say, the structure that offers the lowest price, but can also be the one that offers the least guarantees. It is necessary, before any decision, take the time to compare the guarantees offered and the conditions for their applicationwhich is not easy and takes time. That's why many individuals stick to a trust with their traditional company or with their bank.

In which cases is home insurance compulsory?

In theory, home insurance is not required. But it is systematically demanded by donors with regard to tenants at the time of the signing of the lease, the latter providing for the obligation to produce a certificate in due form, each year, showing that the tenant is up to date with the payment of his premiums.
Attention: theinsurance "rental risks" covers against damage that may be caused to the building, to the housing equipment and to third parties, but not to the property itself of the subscriber. To do this, you must subscribe home multi-risk insurance.
Information: The French Federation of Insurance provides a lot of information on its website.

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