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Lay tile on the floor: laying tiles

Tiling the floor is an operation of a certain scale, which requires a good preparation of the support. However, it is not very complicated if it is approached with care and method. The use of large format tiles, now very fashionable, allows to dress a floor in record time. Attention to the quality and characteristics of the tiles according to the type of room (take care, in particular, not to take slippery tiles in the bathrooms).

Laying tiles on the floor is quite simple in itself, only cutting the end tiles can be a problem. In addition to tracing accuracy, good cutting equipment is required (the electric tile cutter is ideal). The completion of the joints completes the work. Fashion is currently fine joints, even to the edge. Note, however, that the joints contribute to the cohesion of the tiles and absorb their expansion, thus reducing the risk of tile cracking. Laying on a heated floor requires the use of a suitable glue.

Lay tile on the floor: laying tiles

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