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If a tape measure can easily measure up to 10 m or more on a horizontal surface, the situation is quite different in rough terrain or in height. A rangefinder is then very practical to instantly calculate a dimension.

A laser measuring tool: the range finder

The range finder is an effective laser measuring instrument that is easy to use. The only requirement is to have surfaces capable of stopping the laser beam emitted by the device.
These surfaces should not be too dark or too bright, reflective or translucent. Also avoid colorless liquids and some materials such as polystyrene.

A very effective but highly sensitive tool!

A very effective but highly sensitive tool!

In a current version, a range finder makes it possible to measure lengths, areas and volumes with additions, subtractions, corrections and reports (continuous measurement). Its "Pythagoras" function makes it possible to determine a height without having to measure it. The device is placed a few inches from the ground and pointed towards the top of the object, then towards its base. The rangefinder then calculates the height of the object.
The accuracy of the calculation depends on the positioning of the device which must not be moved forward or backward or moved between the two measurements. The use of a tripod is recommended. But only professional rangefinders are equipped with a 1/4 "female thread (camera type) which allows them to be mounted on a lightweight tripod.
Waterproof and dust resistant, the professional models also have an extended measuring range and, for some, a small spirit level or tilt sensor.
Top-of-the-line models incorporate a digital mini-camera with zoom making it easy to track the pointer over long distances (on their integrated screen). Other functions are very useful, such as determining the surface of a roof (from the ground).

A laser measuring tool: the range finder: range

To perform a simple measurement, position the back of the rangefinder against a starting surface (here a low unit) and press the "ON" key.

A laser measuring tool: the range finder: finder

Keeping the camera perfectly perpendicular, aim the rangefinder pointer at the target surface.

A laser measuring tool: the range finder: range

Continuous measurement is used to locate locations at the same height.
Press "ON" and align the device (here in the center of a switch).

A laser measuring tool: the range finder: finder

Then place the device in the desired location and move it until the value previously read is displayed on the screen.
Then draw the corresponding mark.

A laser measuring tool: the range finder: measuring

To know the height of a façade (not in the sun), select the function "Pythagoras" (right triangle) and measure the distance to the ridge (the hypotenuse).

A laser measuring tool: the range finder: tool

Measure the distance to the facade (large perpendicular side of the triangle): the height of the wall (small perpendicular side of the triangle) is displayed on the bottom line.

Video Instruction: Bosch Blue Professional Measuring Tools - GLM 80 Rangefinder (up to 80 meters) + Angle Measurer