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The asbestos diagnosis.

Since 1996, asbestos diagnosis is mandatory in some buildings. Its purpose is to identify materials and products that may contain asbestos, a substance whose inhalation of fibers is dangerous, even forty years after the application of the material. To know everything about the asbestos diagnosis, Handyman Dudimanche devotes this week to the fifth part of his back to school.

The asbestos diagnosis, theoretical side.

The asbestos diagnosis concerns all residential buildings, buildings and houses as well as buildings receiving the public including professional, commercial and industrial premises whose building permit was issued before the first of July, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four. twenty to seventeen. You are required when signing a sales contract, but also during the demolition of housing built before the first of July nineteen ninety-seven.

The asbestos diagnosis.: asbestos diagnosis

This diagnosis is only necessary for the private portions of collective dwellings, but must also be included in the technical file of the co-ownership.

The asbestos diagnosis, practical side.

A qualified expert goes on site to carry out a visual inspection of the building. He checks false ceilings in buildings constructed before 1 July 1997; but also the insulators in those built before the 29th of July 1996; as well as flocking for buildings dating from before the first of January nineteen eighty. It also looks at fiber cement materials, floor slabs, projected coatings and other materials defined by standard NF X 46-02. If he does not notice asbestos, the diagnostician immediately issues a report of absence of asbestos valid for an indefinite period. If he has a doubt, he can then take a sample for analysis by an accredited laboratory. In case of presence of asbestos, the expert must determine in a report the state of conservation of the material. Depending on the state of conservation, it will then be necessary to carry out a control visit every 3 years or to carry out works or as a last resort to remove the elements that pose problem by a qualified company. Finally, if the diagnosis does not appear with the sales contract, the buyer is then entitled to have it done at the seller's expense as well as any refurbishment work.

The asbestos diagnosis.: asbestos diagnosis

Who issues the asbestos diagnosis?

The diagnosis must be made by a certified expert who has taken out a provisional civil liability insurance. You will find qualified professionals in the diagnostic offices or through the Internet but also on the yellow pages. In terms of rates, plan about one hundred euros.

Once again, Handyman is strongly encouraging you to compete by making several quotes and possibly negotiating your bill.

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