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Once the electrical circuit is installed, the installation of the radiator is very simple.

Install an electric heater

Define its location and use the right tools to do a neat job. The connection does not pose any particular problem. In the example opposite, the regulation of the temperature is done by pilot wire. If you opt for a powerline transmission (PLC), know that there are different communication languages. It is therefore preferable to choose its radiators from the same manufacturer to regulate the whole.

Install an electric heater: radiator

Use the bracket to locate the radiator. Here, basement wall moldings interfere with its fixation.

Install an electric heater: install

Cut the protruding moldings with a grinder or a saw. If you prefer to keep them, insert spacers to compensate for the thickness of the moldings.

Install an electric heater: heater

Replace the bracket and locate the screws on the wall. Keep the device perfectly straight with a spirit level.

Install an electric heater: electric

Drill the wall using wall plugs that match the nature of the stand (or those supplied with the unit) and secure the console securely.

Install an electric heater: heater

Make the electrical connection behind the unit. First slide the cable outlet base and the trim plate onto the radiator cable.

Install an electric heater: wire

Connect the power cables (blue and brown), the earth (yellow and green) and the pilot wire (black) if you have a regulation of this type.

Install an electric heater: radiator

Snap the cover onto the base of the wire outlet. If the wire is too long, you can shorten it or hold it behind the radiator with a nylon collar.

Install an electric heater: electric

Gently place the radiator on the bracket. At the top, stirrups hold it in place using plastic pins.

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