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[size = 14] Laying expanded vinyl

Thick and practical, the expanded vinyl allows you to hide the irregularities of a wall very quickly and is ideal for wet rooms.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A large waterproof tank (large enough to plunge the strips).
A roll with half-long hairs.
A sponge.
One meter.
A plumb line.
A cutter.
A mason rule.
A notched spatula.
A smooth spatula.
Acrylic glue.
A sponge.
Expanded vinyl paper.

Step 1: Prepare the support.

Make sure your media is dry, healthy and relatively flat.
If we notice too many cracks and / or big imperfections, we will have to consider some additional operations.
Then draw a first vertical line, starting from an angle. Plan to put your wallpaper away from the main light source (window...), to prevent the joints between the tiles project visible shadows.
Repeat for each corner, always starting from the main light source.

Lay expanded vinyl: step

Step 2: preparation of the coating.

Fill your tub with water.
Roll the strips upside down and soak them in the tray one to two minutes maximum.

Step 3: laying the first lé.

With the toothed spatula, directly glue the wall (and especially not the paper) to the location of the first lé.
Let it sit for about ten minutes.
Place the right and vertical right following your lines.
Then rub the paper with the stiff brush to remove air bubbles.

Step 4: Laying other tiles

Once the first one is in place go to the next ones, placing them edge to edge at the joint.
If you make a mistake, do not hesitate to remove the bad placed and reposition it.

Step 5: the finishes.

Mow the edges of walls and ceilings by cutting them with the cutter and helping you with the mason's rule.

Video Instruction: VINYL WALLCOVERING - Installation Tutorial