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Thanks to the ready-to-assemble doors, the installation of a door has considerably simplified in recent years. All you need is the right tools and a little patience. How to put an interior door, in a few steps?

Laying a door

Laying a door

Before laying a door block

You need:

  • a spirit level, a square and wooden wedges to determine the plumb of the door.
  • screws, dowels and a screwdriver drill to fix the frame.
  • a handsaw to bring the door block to the correct dimensions, if necessary.
  • 2 trestles to serve as a workbench.
  • a pencil to mark the locations of the hinges
  • a bomb of polyurethane foam to perfectly seal the door block to the partitions.

The door block is composed the frame or frame, the door or door and the frame attached to one side of the frame.

Before starting the installation check that the dimensions of the frame correspond to the opening you have. Otherwise, bring back the frame to the correct dimensions using the handsaw. Knowing that in height, it must exceed the 5mm wing.

Then check the plumb of the frame with the spirit level. Verticality and horizontality must be perfectly square. The frame should not lean to the right or to the left. Use the wooden blocks until you have found the perfect position.

Fix the door block

To fix the frame at its location, drill at least three attachment points on each side. This with strands matching the material of the wall. Start with the side with the hinges. Insert dowels, then screw securely with the drill driver. Check the plumb during operation to make sure that the door keeps the correct position and respect the marks that indicate those of the hinges.

Once the frame is fixed, fill in the remaining spaces with the polyurethane foam for a perfect adaptation of the door block with the walls of each room. Let dry and remove excess foam with a cutter. Paint the set in the shade that suits you.

Once the paint is dry. Place the wing in its hinges. All you have left is the finishing work. You can choose decorative chopsticks or not. Do not forget to fix the handle of the door that you will have chosen according to the style of your interior.

To assist you step by step, there are many tutorials or tutorials as well as professionals who can help you.

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