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Install a bipolar switch on an electrical wire.

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Necessary tools:

A bipolar switch. A flat wire (doubled flexible electrical wire) or a single flexible wire. A cutter. A screwdriver. And if needed: lug pliers, wire strippers, cutting pliers.

The installation of a bipolar switch on an electrical wire is almost the same as a unipolar switch. As its name suggests, the bipolar switch has two poles of connection, which allows it to simultaneously cut the electric current in both directions.

Step 1: Prepare the wire for installing a switch.

This first step consists in separating the two wires which form an electric cable, which is also called electric wires extension. Depending on the type of wire you have chosen to use, a flat wire or a flexible wire, the separation takes place differently:

For flat wire : Make a slight incision using the cutter to break the connecting space that assembles the two wires in parallel, being careful not to cut the coating of their protective sleeves. Then pull slightly to remove them. The length of this separation must be equivalent to the size of the switch to be installed.

For flexible yarn: Use the cutter to mark the two vertical lines that will mark the location of the future switch. Then use the first of these marks to operate delicately, always with the cutter, a circular cut notching the envelope of the cable sheath that covers and protects the two electrical wires.

Put a bipolar switch on a wire: switch

Then repeat this operation on the second mark. Do not forget to act with care so as not to cut at the same time the protective sheaths of the internal wires. Incise horizontally between the two to open the cable.

Put a bipolar switch on a wire: switch

Step 2: Make the connections.

In the center, cut the two threads that you have just cut off with a pair of pliers or a cutter, then strip the ends of the threads thus produced a maximum of two to three millimeters.

Put a bipolar switch on a wire: switch

If you are unfamiliar with this practice, check out our listing of different ways to strip a wire. If you have not already done so, open the switch to put in place and place it so that the four internal connectors are on top. Then connect the stripped wires by inserting their twisted tips under the screws and secure them by tightening the screws with your screwdriver. The wires joined by the same wiring must be connected respectively under the right and left connectors of the switch.

Put a bipolar switch on a wire: switch

Step 3: Refit the switch.

Once all the son connected to their places on the switch, you just have to close the latter with the screwdriver and the screws used to fix it.

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