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Laying wall mosaics

Ideal for decorating and protecting your walls, mosaic tiles are suitable for all surfaces, interior and exterior, and all rooms. Uncomfortable, their installation is accessible to all DIYers.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A ruler
One meter
A spirit level
A chalk line
A plumb line
A trowel
A black marker
Rubber mallet
A cutter or a nibbler
A raclette
A hammer
A sponge
A glass cutter
V-notched spatula
Mosaic plates
Paste glue for wall mounting
Braces (2 mm maximum)

Step 1: Tracing

Start by marking the marker to the surface to be tiled. Using the bubble level and the Mason ruler, draw a vertical axis, corresponding to the height of your mosaic tiles.

Step 2: Gluing

Glue the wall under your axis with the notched spatula, in the direction of the length.
Place the first tile and press it against the wall. With a cleat, press on the tiles to level them well.

Laying wall mosaics: wall

Place braces between each corner as you pose to achieve a regular join.
Then continue laying the other slabs in the same way as for the first one.

Laying wall mosaics: mosaics

At each glue overflow, remove the excess with a damp sponge.

Step 3: The cuts

For corner cuts and possible obstacles, take the measurements then use the nibbler, either for the lengths or just for a few tiles.

Step 4: The join

Let the glue dry 24 hours then remove the braces.
Then apply the slip at the seams to the squeegee. Before the product takes, smooth your joints with a stick and remove the excess.

Video Instruction: Mosaic Wall Tile Installation Video