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Install an Easyplac® plasterboard

Because we do not always have a van at hand and getting it delivered is not always easy, Placo® invents Easyplac®, the first plasterboard folded water repellent. Intended for the cladding and the lining of walls on frame, the plasterboard Easyplac®can fold and unfold to reduce its size and facilitate its transport and installation.

Necessary material

  • Mason's pencil, tape measure, level or plumb line
  • Large metal ruler, trapeze blade cutter, planer, nibbler
  • Drill and dowels, plasterer screwdriver
  • Coating knives (10 cm and 15 cm), wedge + sanding paper
  • Wood glue


  1. Fix and adjust the spacers
  2. Screw the plasterboard

Fix and adjust the spacers

Fix and adjust the spacers

1. It is essential to add spacers between two vertical furs, at the level of the plasterboard plies, obtained by cutting a piece of fur Stil® F530 (length = distance between 2 vertical furs, about 56 cm).

Install an Easyplac® plasterboard: install

2. To fix the spacers, clip two Stil connectors® F530 by vertical fur (one on the right and one on the left). One connector is placed horizontally, the other sideways (we can not superimpose them). Then clip the spacers onto the connectors.

Install an Easyplac® plasterboard: easyplac

3. If the floor-to-ceiling distance is less than 2.5 m, cut the longest part of the plate (without unfolding it). Lay the plate still folded, resting on the furs. The longest side of the plasterboard rests on the floor. Adjust the spacer so that it is at the bend of the plate. Apply a net of wood glue in the fold of the plate still folded.

Screw the plasterboard

Screw the plasterboard

1. Unfold the plasterboard and, while holding the upper part, screw it into the vertical furs (every 30 cm).

Install an Easyplac® plasterboard: install

2. Also screw the plate onto the spacer, shifting the screws as shown in the diagram.

Install an Easyplac® plasterboard: install

3. Take care of plasterboard jointing (Placo joint tape)® + coating), at the level of the thinned edges and in the ceiling-partition angle. Also make a coating pass (without tape) on the screw heads as well as at the fold (to erase the fold of the cardboard and facilitate the finishing).

(photos / visuals: © Placo, except special mention)


A pioneer in plasterboard, Placoplatre retains its spirit of innovation by offering efficient, easy-to-implement and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable buildings and interior design.

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Install an Easyplac® plasterboard: plasterboard

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