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System D reviews with you all the tools you need for tiling the floor: tools for tracing, cutting, laying, fitting and grouting, safety and comfort. At work now!

Tiling at home: the toolbox

Tracing tools

  • Powder cord
  • Greasy pencil for tile
  • Tungsten carbide tip

Tiling at home: the toolbox: tiling

Cutting tools

  • Parrot clip
  • Wire saw

Tiling at home: the toolbox: tiling

Laying tools

  • Auge
  • Cat-tongue trowel
  • Round trowel
  • Serrated dish with square teeth
  • braces

Tiling at home: the toolbox: home

Adjustment and grouting

  • Spirit level
  • Rubber squeegee
  • Wooden bat and rubber mallet
  • Silicone seal and pistol applicator

Tiling at home: the toolbox: tools

Safety and comfort

When cutting tiles, protect yourself from dust and sharp debris, especially if you use an electric tile.

  • Always wear safety glasses and a dust mask.
  • The knee brace is also the essential accessory. All the tilers will say, a day kneeling on the tiles, it's really painful!
  • Moreover, professionals have the obligation, by law, to protect themselves. Why would you be less concerned?

Tiling at home: the toolbox: toolbox

Video Instruction: ?Tile basics, tools you need.?