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Lay a tile: prepare your floor

Difficulty level:


Necessary tools:

A mop.
A vacuum.
A mortar glue.
A trowel.
A primer.
A short-haired roll.

Before you begin, make sure that the floor is perfectly prepared to support your new tile. You will find below the various steps necessary before any installation, according to the state of your soil.

Step 1:

If your soil has defects such as cracks, irregularities, slight differences in level, correct them by applying trowel-on mortar. Remember to smooth out during the application so as not to create new irregularities.

If your soil has too many defects, such as large or very large differences in level, we advise you to remake a fine screed of 2 to 5 cm with a self-leveling coating (depending on the importance of the problems noted). This will allow you to work on a perfectly flat surface and ideal for laying tiles.

Before going to the next step, you will have to wait 24 hours, time necessary so that your corrections are dry enough to be able to work on it.

2nd step:

Like any realization by gluing, it is necessary that the support is as clean as possible so as not to hinder the adhesion. It will be necessary for you to use a damp mop to agglomerate the dust.

Once the floor is dry, finish cleaning with a vacuum so that there is only a minimum of dust left.

Step 3:

Last step to prepare your soil: the application of a primer. This product will maximize the adhesion of the adhesive mortar whatever your starting floor: concrete screed, old tiles, parquet...

A primer is very easy to use. You must spread it over the entire surface using a short-haired roller.

So you can go to the next step: define your laying plan.

Video Instruction: Preparing Subfloor for Tile