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Install a unipolar switch on an electrical cable.

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Necessary tools:

A unipolar switch. A flat wire (doubled flexible electrical wire) or a single flexible wire. A cutter. A screwdriver. And if needed: lug pliers, wire strippers, cutting pliers.

Knowing how to put a switch on a wire can be very practical to control lighting or any other electrical device. Moreover, who knows how to ask can replace. The use of a unipolar switch makes it possible to cut off the current on one of the two electrical wires that make up the flat wire.

Step 1: Prepare the wire for the installation of a switch.

The first thing you need to do to prepare the wire is to separate, using your cutter, the two wires that make it up to the place where you decided to place your switch, and according to the length of it. this. In this regard the terms flat wire and flexible wire are unsuitable, it is more accurate to call them cables because they are indeed composed of two electrical son and not the other way around. Be that as it may, let us see together the processes of separation of flat or flexible wires:

For flat wire : Separate the tie joining the two wires by inserting the tip of the cutter in the center of the two wires and slightly incising to make sure not to damage the protective sleeves of the wires, then spread them gently by hand until reaching the length of desired separation.

For flexible yarn: cut through the sheath of the cable or flexible wire, which encloses its two electric wires, by operating the two incisions which delimit the size of the future switch to pose. For this, place the blade of your cutter perpendicularly and incise the sheath around the circumference by exerting a rotation. Be careful not to push the blade too far, otherwise it may sever protective coatings on the internal wires. Once these vertical delimitations have been made, make a final notch to the cutter so as to connect them and then remove the sheath thus cut.

Install a unipolar switch on an electric cable: electric

Step 2: Make the connections.

Now that the two wires are separated, cut one of them with a cutter or pliers. The choice of wire to be cut is not important because the goal is to open the electrical circuit. The operation of an electrical installation is indeed based on the principle of the oscillation of the alternating current in closed circuit and the main property of a switch is that it allows to open and close this circuit to cut or let free course at the passage of the electric current. Also you will need to connect the parts of the sectioned wire to the device of the switch.

Install a unipolar switch on an electric cable: install

With this in mind, strip the end of these wires slightly over two to three millimeters and do not hesitate to consult our sheet on the various ways to strip a wire. Insert the stripped parts into the spaces under the screws in the center of the switch and use the screwdriver to screw them. This is how you make connections.

Install a unipolar switch on an electric cable: cable

Step 3: Refit the switch.

Close the switch making sure that the second wire is wedged in the space reserved for it, then screw the fixing screws on its back.

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