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Always appreciated and present in the interior, the wood is a material of the most pleasant to work. To make assemblies that hold in time, there are powerful power tools available to all.

Choose tools to make your own wood assemblies

Who has never enjoyed cutting a single piece of wood to transform it at the whim of his imagination? Today, if the work of this material is a pleasure, it is partly thanks to manufacturers who have developed accessible power tools.
Spearhead of this evolution, the router has become essential in a few years, as its possibilities are important. However, it is essential to tame it to succeed in using its potential.
Although older, the square chisel mortar is best known to professionals. Outward looking, this bench machine is reminiscent of a large drill press. But the analogy stops there, because to go down the square chisel by force in the wood, it is necessary to develop a great power. The force exerted on the lever arm is consequently multiplied by a gear and a rack.

The wood combined

Combined wood for individuals

Multifunction machine, the wood combined is the major investment of the workshop of passionate wood, where it occupies a central place. Its possibilities are vast, provided you use it well...
The handset brings together several functions of different machines: circular saw with its guiding devices, jointer to flatten the raw wood, planer to calibrate the wood degauchi, router for profiling with precision, also usable as tenoner...
It is possible to associate an optional mortiser with wick, to be placed at the end of the planer shaft. But this device, heavy and bulky, is rarely used. It is often preferred to use an independent, square-bodied mortiser, which takes up little space and gives better results.

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