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Making trunnion connections is much easier with a drill guide. Beginner handymen can then realize frame and simple furniture.

Wolfcraft Assembly Kit


Reference: Undercover Jig
Suggested price: 45 Euros
Guarantee: 5 years

Wood assembly kit by simple screwing, box containing 1 drilling template, 1 screwdriver bit, 1 specific drill bit, 1 depth stop ring, 1 hexagonal wrench, 10 wooden screw caps and assortment of wood screws. The principle allows an assembly of angle, in T and flat, but it also serves to consolidate an old faulty assembly (example: wardrobe in kit). To use the assembly kit you must have a drill-driver and a clamp.
This information was first published on System D magazine in 2010: products and prices may have changed since then.

Assembly kit for use

For a good grip of the template, it is best to start by reading the manual to become familiar with the elements. The sliding plate template serves as a guide for drilling. It is associated with a special drill which provides a boring perforation and whose hollow tip has a slight pilot hole for threading the screw. The cruciform tip is long enough to secure the screws through the platen (you have some screws and dowels in the kit).

Measuring the thickness of the wood

Measure the thickness of the wood (graduations on the side of the plate).

Measuring the thickness of the wood

Measure the thickness of the wood (graduations on the side of the plate).

Drill Guide Template Adjustment

Adjust the clearance of the template then engage the drill to adjust and lock the depth ring.
The tool is then ready for a screw connection.

Template and clamp to drill before assembling

Tape the template with a clamp and drill until it stops.

Most of this machine for assemblies

  • Two screws may be enough to assemble a tablet.
  • Place the future assembly between a clamp and screw.
  • The housing of the screws can be masked by wooden covers.
  • The system can repair or consolidate a realization that begins to take the game. An asset to repair a wardrobe cheap, whose links show serious signs of weakness.
  • The connection by two screws is strong enough for handcrafted achievements and you can strengthen it with a net of wood glue.
  • The principle also makes it possible to securely bind two elements of a worktop (in extension or in the corner return) because the template fits at thicknesses of 38 mm.

Our opinion

It is better to use a screwdriver with torque adjustment so as not to force at the end of screwing, especially with the melamine agglomerator.
The price can put off the occasional handyman.

Video Instruction: For all cases Joining wood with the wolfcraft Undercover Jig (part no.4642000 )