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The cabinetmaking work requires a well-chosen set of tools where tracing tools compete with saws and other scissors. The higher you go, the more reliable they are.


Wooden assembly: the toolbox: wood

Taking a measurement and locating it on the wood is a simple but essential operation. The tracing tools must be of good quality (prefer those of metal) to carry out a work of precision.
A tracer knife, a cutter or a punch are essential to obtain extremely precise tracings. The mark they leave on the wood is thinner than that of a simple pencil.
The truscan is the combination of a square and a punch. Adjustable, it is used to precisely mark parallel marks along a piece of wood.
The 45° angle brackets and the variable angle angle brackets make it possible to raise an angle on a workpiece or to calibrate a machine.

Manual tooling

Wooden assembly: the toolbox: assembly

Carving can be done with hand tools.
A saw, wood chisels, mallet, chisel, rasp and plane are part of the basic set.

Power tools

Wooden assembly: the toolbox: angle

Many things can be done with ease using power tools. The investment they represent does not weigh very much in terms of services rendered and time saved.
Circular saw, drill and jigsaw will be very useful. To make more complex assemblies, you can also use a router or a laminator.

Video Instruction: The Woodworker's Pencil