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For centuries, cabinetmakers have worked to imagine solutions of great diversity and resistance to assemble their wooden works. Some of them are also within the reach of aspiring handymen.

make a success of his wood assemblies

To assemble two pieces of wood, the first reflex is often to use screws, accessories and hardware. Shaping the same two pieces to allow them to fit perfectly using only wood accessories seems much more complex. In reality, the job is not more complicated, for a better result. Much more beautiful, wood assemblies are also more resistant.
To get into this field, it is necessary to be precise, rigorous and have the right tools. To choose the most judicious techniques to implement, it is necessary to have the right material, manual or electrical and a minimum of know-how that is acquired over the experience. Trunnion or slat assemblies are simple to start with, while shaping tenons and mortises or straight tails requires more dexterity.
Our advice: taking care of basic routes and taking your time is the guarantee of a successful job.

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Glues for everything

glues for wood assemblies

There is a wide variety of glues suitable for wood assemblies: skin or bone glue, vinyl, polyurethane, MS polymer...
White glue (PVA glue, or vinyl glue) is the most frequently used. It acts by evaporation of the solvent with a relatively fast setting time (30min).
MS polymer adhesive is the latest generation of adhesives. As effective on wood as on many other materials, this versatile product, long reserved for professionals, is made of modified silicone. Solvent-free and odor-free, it remains flexible when drying (20min).

Video Instruction: Wooden Assembly Square