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The associations of co-owners are numerous. Just do a simple search on the Internet using these two keywords to realize it. But what is an association of co-owners and what is its purpose? In which cases to use its services and how to choose it? So many questions we will try to shed light.

What is an association of co-owners?

An association of co-owners is a non-profit association type law 1901. Independent body of the state and real estate professionals such as agencies or trustees, it is remunerated through contributions from its members.

His goal is twofold:

  • She accompanies co-owners and union councils in the day-to-day management of their co-ownership. This help can take different forms:

- Accounting, management, regulatory advice
- Training
- Help with dispute resolution

  • She can represent and defend the interests of the co-owners with major authorities: courts, public authorities and professionals

If there are co-owners associations at the national level, it may be relevant to decide on an association with a regional office, which will facilitate relations and follow-up of files.

An association of co-owners, for whom, for what?

In case of dispute, when the dialogue seems broken or the trustee of co-ownership does not respect the commitments to which it is bound by contract, it is often difficult to act and especially to act alone.

In these particular cases but also for all the questions to which you do not find clear answers, it can be useful to contact an association of co-owners.

Indeed, the strength of the group often gives more weight to the actions taken and allows to get out of isolation. In addition, the associations of co-owners were created for the sole purpose, to help and accompany the co-owners, so it is easy to find a contact available.

If it is necessary to join an association to benefit from a specific and specific monitoring, adapted to each co-ownership, these associations also make available to all many generic advice, FAQs and a documentary collection complete that can help illuminate certain topics before going further.

Can adhere to this type of association, the union council as a whole, as a legal entity or each individual co-owner.

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