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Oil, with wood, is a fuel that we buy ourselves, and at the time of our choice. So take the opportunity to buy it when it is the cheapest! Still need to know what time of the year we can hope to buy his oil cheaper...?

Buy your fuel in summer: no longer really a panacea

For a long time, for to do good business, he had to buy his fuel in full summer. Oil prices were less volatile than in autumn and winter, and as demand from users was lower (in summer, we heat less!), The price of fuel was much more advantageous. Logic is the law of the market: more supply and less demand = lower price!

But at the moment, oil prices are so changeable that there is no longer a period when we can say that the price of fuel oil will be lower.

The best time to buy your fuel: when it is cheapest!

If you really want to be on to buy your fuel at the lowest price possible, there are not 36 solutions. In fact, there is only one: check regularly (every week or every day) the price of fuel oil in France, and buy when he is at the lowest!

Many factors come into play in the price of heating oil: the price of oil, the evolution of demand, our geographical location... as we can not control them all, it is difficult to predict the evolution (even in the short term) of the price of fuel oil.

The good plan: if by chance we see that we are in a period where the price of fuel is particularly low, instead of just buying the quantity needed to fill our tank, we do not hesitate to see things in large ! We take this opportunity to store the excess, so if the price of fuel goes up suddenly and for a long time, we will be quiet!

The pitfall to avoid: buy your fuel when our tank is empty!

We are often tempted to do so, but we must never wait until the last minute to replenish the oil tank. Because when you buy your fuel in emergency, you have no room for maneuver; if our tank is empty when the price of heating oil is in full swing, we will have no choice but to pay the price...

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