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For the proper conduct of a general meeting of co-owners, the secretary of the session is obliged to keep an attendance sheet listing the persons present. What is the purpose of this document and what does it contain?

The attendance sheet at the AG of condominium

The attendance sheet at the AG of condominium

Usefulness of the attendance sheet at the AG of condominium

An attendance sheet allows for everything from keep a written record of who is present at the general meeting. In addition to being a proof of their presence, the sheet also gives details on each co-owner. Each participant must sign the attendance sheet. Co-owners who can not attend the GA directly may be represented by representatives to whom they leave their intention to vote.

Beyond the composition of the general meeting, the attendance sheet also includes information from the official list of condominiums and data from the by-law of the co-ownership. The objective is to specify precisely the number of votes corresponding to each co-owner as well as the coordinates. This information is essential for counting the votes following the votes. This makes it possible to determine whether the majority has been reached to endorse a particular decision listed in the agenda.

It must be emphasized that delay or early departure of a member of the assembly must be recorded in the attendance sheet: the exact time must appear. This clarification is important to avoid any dispute of vote that may arise later in the meeting.

The attendance sheet in details

In the attendance sheet of a general meeting of co-ownership, one finds very precise information. First, you can read the title of the general meeting and the date and place where the GA is held. Next is the name and contact information of the condominium syndicate. Then there is the name and address of the trustee who manages the condominium.

The attendance sheet also includes the data concerning the co-owners. In addition, there is the list with lot numbers corresponding to the co-owners of the building. Each lot is associated with a date of entry as well as the distribution of the royalties. Of course, we find an empty box in front of the name of each co-owner who is intended for the registration.

After the general meeting, the attendance sheet at the AG of co-ownership is attached as an appendix in the minutes of the GA after the chair has certified the accuracy. It should be noted that with the new technologies, it is now common for this document to be sent in electronic form, after agreement of the co-owners.

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