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All means are good to gain a few additional square meters of living space. One of the most used means: the development of attics lost a roof. Explanation.

What do we call the lost roofs of a roof?

The term lost roof spaces means available space between the ceiling of the top floor of your home and your roof. Roofs lost from a roof are generally not habitable in the state (hence the use of the term lost). Why? Because the framework takes a lot of space, for lack of height under the roof, for lack of brightness, accessibility, etc.

However the development of these lost attics in a living room is the best solution to save space in your home. Warning: for the development of lost roofs, you will often need to acquire a building permit.

Can we fix the roofs lost?

It is possible to fit the roofs lost a roof in a room of life: an additional room with bathroom, a playroom for the children, a room of relaxation even a new living room. But the development of these lost roofs requires specific work and a budget. Know that there are companies specialized in the development of these attics lost.

To do this, several possibilities are possible:

  • Modify the existing framework. The least expensive solution, and the simplest to undertake although it is only feasible by building professionals.
  • Raise the roof. More exactly, it's about creating a new roof over the existing roof.
  • Lower the ceiling, what is called disbursement. Last possible solution and the most expensive solution.

How to transform attics lost from a roof into a living room?

Once the work is done, you will have to carry out development work that will allow you to transform the roofs lost a roof into a real living room, as comfortable as pleasant.

  • Isolate the lost attics.
  • Build a staircase to improve accessibility to the living room.
  • Build windows and openings under roof to let in the light.
  • Proceed to electrical and plumbing work depending on the future use of these lost attics.

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