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Tips for cleaning coats

Cold, snow and ice tend to discolour coats. So that they last several seasons, it is better to take care of it. To do this, it is possible to clean them at home according to their nature (wool or down). A well-made cleaning and savings on the dry cleaning assured!

Clean a down coat

By following a few rules and adopting some tips, the maintenance of a coat becomes much easier than it seems. However, it is important to learn about the material used to make it to find appropriate products and the adapted washing mode: by machine or by hand. It is also recommended toremove stains before cleaning properly so as not to damage the material. Important to remember, dry cleaning weakens the down. Instead of a detergent, much too aggressive, it is advisable to opt for a soap specially formulated for this use. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remove the cap and wash it together with the coat if there is no fur trim;
  2. Empty the inside and outside pockets, as small, forgotten items can damage the garment or the device during the wash cycle;
  3. Clean stains with the right product;
  4. Close each snap and closures;
  5. Put the coat upside down;
  6. Wash carefully, favoringCold water.

It is appropriate to slip the down coat into a wash bag before putting it in the washing machine if it is loaded from above. Other precautions to take:

  • An additional rinse cycle is required.
  • It is possible to dry the coat in the tumble dryer as long as it is set at a low temperature. In order for the garment to return to its original shape, a few clean tennis balls must be added to the machine.
  • It is important to make sure the down coat is completely dry when leaving the machine. If this is not the case, a second drying cycle is required.

Take care of down coats

To preserve the quality of the down coat, here are two main recommendations to follow:

  1. Set the temperature to lowest during the machine drying phase.
  2. Leave space between the down coat and other clothes when they are dried in the sun.
  3. During storage, the most important point is to avoid compressing the coat by putting it back in its storage pocket for example. So, it should hang in the closet, taking care to air it well.

Prepare a woolen coat before cleaning

Before proceeding to the cleaning stage, the wool coat must be carefully prepared for eliminate stains and the dust stuck in the fibers. To get rid of dust, just brush the brush lengthwise from top to bottom. It is also possible to use a damp cloth. In order to get rid of the stains, you have to put some soft detergent on the stained area and rub gently with your fingers. This technique also works to clean the collar, underarms and wrists. Soap for cashmere can also do the trick.

Clean a woolen coat by hand

The hand washing preserves the quality of the coat, especially in wool. To do this, first clean the bathtub:

  1. Wash the bathtub with a mixture of water and liquid soap;
  2. Rinse with clean water;
  3. Fill the tub with lukewarm water and add about 30 ml of suitable detergent or baby shampoo;
  4. Diving the mantle in the water until it is completely soaked;
  5. Soak for 30 minutes;
  6. Wring the coat with your hands so that the laundry penetrates well;
  7. Soak during two o'clockthen shake to get rid of dirt and stains;
  8. For rinsing, empty the bathtub. Put the coat in a big bucket;
  9. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water and replace the coat;
  10. Shake carefully to remove leftover lye and dirt;
  11. If the water is still soapy, you have to start again.

For those who do not have a bathtub, it is possible to replace it with a large washbasin or a basin.

Little advice: he do not rub the wool on itself at the risk of giving it a cardboard texture.

Rules to maintain a wool coat

Woolen clothes deserve a particular care. Indeed, this material is known for its fragility.

  • When washing with a machine, never exceed a temperature of 30° C.
  • The wool does not crease or wear itself out.
  • The wool does not iron.
  • Woolen clothes should be regularly ventilated and protected from moths.
  • A wool coat is not worn every day at the risk of weakening the fibers.
  • To get rid of stains of any kind, bleach is to be avoided as much as possible. It is better to move towards less aggressive detergents such as Marseille's soap, the vinegar, ammonia or lemon.
  • You must tap the spots and not rub them.
  • If you can not find a mild detergent for washing, it is recommended to use baby shampoo.

Dry a coat

After cleaning, it is time to go to drying. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Hold the coat over the bath or basin;
  2. Squeeze gently up and down to remove the remaining water. It is important not to twist it;
  3. Lay the coat on a large towel, on a table, and wrap them together like a pancake.
  4. Squeeze the towel to absorb the remaining water;
  5. Unroll the set and take the coat out of the towel;
  6. Replace the towel with another, dry;
  7. Put the coat back on and leave it flat;
  8. After a day, turn the coat over.

It takes two to three days for the coat to be completely dry.


  • You must never hang a wet woolen garment at the risk of deforming it.
  • Since wool is a fragile textile, it is best to dry it out of the sun and especially not in the dryer. Otherwise, the coat will shrink.

Cleaning a wool coat takes a lot of time. To avoid this chore as much as possible, it is recommended to clean the stains as and when. It must also be ventilated after each use.

Clean a woolen coat

Fur coats are cleaned in the same way as woolen coats.

  1. Shake the coat to rid it of its dust;
  2. Hang it on a hanger and brush it up and down.
  3. To remove stains on the fur, simply mix alcohol in water and apply the preparation with a clean cloth.

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