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It is always a great joy for parents to arrange their baby's room. They try to make it a welcoming and relaxing place so that baby can feel good and wake up properly. Discover how feng shui can help you promote your baby's well-being and learn how to arrange a feng shui baby room.

A baby room Feng Shui

A baby room Feng Shui

What is feng shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese discipline that takes advantage of the environment to improve the flow of vital energy and live in harmony. The vital energy, also called Qi, must be positive and must be able to move fluidly so that your home is feng shui. According to the Chinese, living in a house where positive energy flows freely, you are healthier, you are more serene and you attract the positive. But for your house to be feng shui, it must be arranged in a certain way and meet certain criteria.

The benefits of feng shui for a baby

Feng Shui and vital energy also concern children and babies. Arranging the baby room in a feng shui way could overcome some problems such as stress, restless sleep or repeated colds. If it is difficult to prove the effectiveness of feng shui, it costs nothing to try and observe the changes in your baby.

How to arrange a feng shui baby room?

If feng shui is very complex and often requires the help of a professional to make the most money, it is still possible to apply certain principles in the baby room.

The location of the room

Your baby's room should be located in a quiet part of your house (part yin), away from the entrance or living rooms (living room, living room, kitchen, office) which are yang rooms. The ideal is to make your baby's room in the eastern part of your house because the east represents growth in feng shui.

The location of the bed

The orientation of the bed is essential for the quality of your baby's sleep. There are 8 possible directions (4 good and 4 bad) which will have different repercussions on each individual. To determine the right direction of the bed for your baby, it is necessary to make a calculation based on the date of birth. This calculation, called Gua, is quite complex and can be done by a professional feng shui or on the internet. The number found will determine the group your baby is in and the orientation you need to give to the bed.

Colors and light

In feng shui, it is necessary to privilege the balance of the colors. Adopt soft colors (yin) such as almond green, light yellow, pink, lilac, beige or off-white and mix them in bright colors (yang) such as fuchsia, violet, sunflower yellow or bright orange. As for the light, it must be soft and indirect.

Decorative objects

The decoration and furniture do not really affect the flow of vital energy. Always favor cold colors that are more relaxing for your baby. Warm colors tend to stimulate and wake up.

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