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Going back and forth with witness light

The connection of a back and forth with light does not fundamentally differs from that of a conventional back and forth. The cabling without neutral has the advantage of being easy to install in renovation. As for any intervention on a circuit, it will take care to trigger the main circuit breaker (subscriber circuit breaker and to leave on it an indication of the cut (small sign) to avoid any risk of inadvertent re-engagement by a person not knowing not that an intervention on the installation is in progress.

Installation without neutral

With this type of installation, the indicator of each switch stays on when the controlled lighting is off. This makes it easy to locate the switches in the dark when the light is off. So the system works in a radically different way from the light switch which is lit when the lighting is too. This principle is used when the switch is located outside the room or the lighted space, for example for a bathroom, a shower room, toilets or to order, since interior, exterior lighting.

Wiring back and forth

The wiring of this type of circuit comes and goes is simple: the first switch is powered by the phase that the two shuttles alternately convey to terminals 1 and 2 of the other switch. An internal wire to the switch powers the bulb.

Diagram of back and forth with indicator light

Diagram back and forth with indicator light

Diagram back and forth with indicator light

Note: a back and forth uses two switches, adaptations of the switch to this type of mounting.

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