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The return of the wallpaper.

Forget about your grandmother's outdated wallpaper, the time for friezes and flowers is over! In recent years, a new generation of wallpaper has appeared in our homes. Leaving room for imagination and creativity, new wallpapers adorn your walls like paintings. Modern and design he invites himself with style in every room of the house, from the attic to the bathroom. This week, HandymanDuanche has looked at wallpapers, become the starting point of your decoration and no longer the finishing touch.

The return of the wallpaper.: your

Taken over by designers, wallpaper has become trendy. Riding the wave of pop-art, the rollers are adorned with colors and patterns of the most surprising. Nothing is left to chance, in these new creations or tones and graphics are worked at length. In an urban and fresh style, the collections display neo-romantic, baroque or modern tunes. You can see exclusive and customized images on your walls. Modern art blends cleverly with the decoration, thanks to contemporary works imagined by artists putting their talent at the service of your homes.

With wallpaper, anything is possible, the imagination of the creators seems to have no limit. New York facades panoramic black and white patterns of ancient Japan through graffiti, photo-montages or flies in full flight, everything is possible. The wallpaper even replaces the furniture, perfectly imitating frames, headboards and even fireplaces.

The trompe l'oeil.

Trompe-l'oe wallpapers

For an unusual interior, the paper turns into trompe-l'oeil and plunges you into a movie set. You'll see doors, windows, roofs, fountains, stairs, furniture and bookcases filled with books that look more lifelike. The trompe-l'oeil has the advantage of enlarging the volume of your rooms and increasing their brightness. Directly inspired by the surrealist movement, they add a touch of humor and originality to your interior.

Custom wallpaper.

It is possible to create, customize and customize your wallpaper at will. There are no limits, except those of your imagination. Complete freedom is offered to you and the possibilities are endless. Photos, drawings, writings, prints, you choose!

The children have not been forgotten with coloring papers that will allow them to scribble on the walls with confidence. You will be able to cheer up their room warmly with a wallpaper that looks like them and will be a hit with their friends. Remember that a photo or a drawing can quickly become very boring, so you can easily change this type of wallpaper.

Retro wallpaper.

The papers of the 70s

For the nostalgic of the 70s, new reissues of psychedelic and boosted wallpapers are available. Between mesmerizing spirals, flashy colors, geometric shapes, retro patterns and glamorous designs, the seventies are brought up to date by the site PapierPeintDesAnnées70.

This type of wallpaper can be the starting point for a themed decoration but it is difficult to adapt to a classic interior. A traditional living room fully lined with fluorescent rainbow skies would be a huge lack of taste.

The solar wallpaper.

At the forefront of technology, the photovoltaic wallpaper (solar), Japanese invention, is intended to produce electricity. Composed of a flexible metal structure covered with an organic dye mixed with titanium dioxide, it produces electrons when exposed to the sun and provides a very good yield (7%). With a low manufacturing cost and organic components, it should be marketed at low prices within five years in Japan, when its yield will reach 10%. The physical aspect of this wallpaper has not been mentioned yet but it will certainly decline in a diverse and varied range.

Accessible to all, the price of the roll starts from 2 € for the basic models and up to 200 € for the wallpapers high-end or made to measure. If you still hesitate to embark on the great adventure of wallpaper, know that with non-woven paper (glossary link), great novelty in recent years the pose has become a breeze. Unroll, paste and admire!

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