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Mixed cooktops combine two cooking technologies into one device: induction, glass ceramic, electric or gas. All the available information on the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the mixed hobs, are listed here.

The characteristics of the mixed hob

A mixed hob is usually equipped with three to four homes. The interest of this type of plate is based on the two combined cooking techniques it allows.

The possible combinations.

  • Gas associated with electric, glass ceramic or induction.
  • Glass ceramic associated with induction.

Technical characteristics.

  • Standard dimensions: from 58 X 60 cm to 65 X 75 cm.
  • Materials used: stainless steel, tempered glass, enamel or glass ceramic glass.

The prices for a mixed cooking plate, vary mainly depending on the type of combination chosen and the number of households.

Mixed gas and electric hobAvailable between 100 to 450 €
Gas and induction hobAccessible from 300 to 2000 €.
Gas and vitroceramic hotplatePrice ranging from 150 to 1500 €.
Induction cooktop and ceramic hobAvailable from 350 to 2000 €.

The advantages and disadvantages of a mixed hob

As seen earlier, the main advantage of the combination hob is to offer two different cooking sources.

In fact, it allows all types of cooking, adapting to the way you cook and to the prepared dish: simmered, pan-fried, grilled, sautéed, etc.

for example: a ceramic hob equipped with radiant heaters, is ideal for simmering a dish. Combined with an induction hob, it will also perfectly capture meat.

Another advantage: even in case of failure from one of the two plates, it will always be possible to cook using the second cooking solution.

The disadvantages of the mixed hob:

  • each cooking source must have its own connection. In addition, the installation of each part of the composite plate is independent (example: dual power both gas and electricity).
  • in addition, mixed plates can be more complicated to maintain.

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