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Install a balcony window in your home to get a small area open to the outside. Ideal when living in an apartment without terrace, the balcony window can also be installed in the roof of a house. Here are some explanations on this new innovation.

The balcony window

The balcony window

What is a balcony window?

You knew floor-to-ceiling windows, roof windows, or all the other different types of windows to bring brightness to your interior, but have you ever heard of the balcony window?
In addition to letting light into your interior, it allows you to create a balcony (larger or smaller) in a few simple steps.
The balcony window ensures excellent thermal and sound insulation when closed and installs as well on a facade as on a roof if you wish to arrange your attic.
This innovation However, the cost is not within the reach of all budgets since it will cost you approximately between € 2,000 for the roof balcony window and € 10,000 for the balcony front window.

The roof balcony window

When the roof balcony window is closed, it is similar to a large aesthetic roof window composed of two parts.
The upper window opens to the horizontal while the lower part opens in vertical position with the simultaneous deployment of guardrails on each side to ensure the occupant safety. While the small balcony thus formed will not accommodate a table but it will allow you to enjoy the outside otherwise having for example a larger vision than with a simple roof window.

  • Disadvantage: The roof balcony window can only be installed on roofs with a slope between 35° and 55°.
  • Advantage: An authorization for work in the town hall is sufficient for its installation, which must however be carried out by a roofing carpenter or mason.

The front balcony window

The front balcony window can be integrated in a new building or as part of a renovation. This innovative window makes it possible to enlarge an apartment of a few square meters by offering an atypical balcony all in laminated glass or steel and laminated glass.
The balcony front window consists of a two-in-one articulated chassis which unfolds using levers operated by a remote control. The lower part of your window becomes the floor of your balcony and the upper part becomes a railing. Built-in barriers in the chassis secure the sides of your new balcony.
The dimension of the balcony will be according to your balcony window location but the upper part of your chassis will always be at least one meter high because it is the minimum required for a guardrail of a balcony located in height.

  • Disadvantage: Once deployed, you will not be able to close the window to avoid external odors or fresh air but the installation of a curtain can mitigate these small inconveniences.
  • Advantage: Does not require heavy work as opposed to a traditional balcony.

Video Instruction: Window that convert to a balcony