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The barrel of a lock, also called cylinder or barrel, is one of the most important locksmith elements. Very easy to install and change, it protects the access to the house and guarantees optimal security. European profile, the barrel adapts to all doors and all situations. There are different types on the market with their own specificities.

What is the barrel of a lock?

The lock cylinder is the metal and cylindrical piece composed of pins in which one inserts the key. It consists of a fixed part called the stator and a moving part that is called the rotor.
It finds its place in the center of the lock and fits into the door. The barrel has the advantage of being a removable and interchangeable piece. In case of break-in or locked lock, it is perfectly possible to change it and replace it with a new one. He is sold with his set of keys.

The different types of lock cylinder

The barrels sold on the market are all European in profile. These models are the most popular and are very easy to install. Single or half-cylindrical European barrel has only one key entry.
The double model allows to insert a key on both sides of the door and sometimes offers a disengageable function. This function allows you to open the door even if the key has remained on the lock inside and is very popular on a daily basis. There is also double barrels with button or button and key.
The barrel, meanwhile, consists of a small cylinder and a foldable tongue. It is very often used for mailboxes or medicine cabinets.

Lock cylinder: specificities

When buying a lock cylinder, it is always possible to choose a model with specific functions that will guarantee you an even more optimal security. The anti-drilling models are made of different materials, have an insert and rolling balls that make drilling almost impossible. The anti-picking function offers the barrel a great resistance to picking thanks to its double pistons while the barrel reinforcing bar prevents the breaking of it. Know that all barrels are not equipped with these functions and that they make difficult any malicious action of a possible burglar.

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