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The basement is made after the foundations. It refers to the seating of the walls of the house. Several techniques exist. The basement type basement allows you to add an extra floor to your home. It is necessary to dig the soil to achieve this base.

The specificities of the basement type basement

In the manner of the basement type crawl space, basement with basement has a space between the foundations and the floor. The height between the two is greater than the basement with crawl space because the basement with basement allows the creation of a basement. You can build a garage, a cellar, a laundry room or a workshop in the basement of your home. This must be provided in the plans of the house.

In the case of the basement-type basement, the peripheral walls of the basement are buried or semi-buried. They must resist the lateral thrust of the land.

Attention, with this technique of underbody, the drainage must be rigorously carried out in order to preserve your house of the floods.

In which cases to choose basement type basement?

You want to enlarge the living space of your house and have a basement? Building a basement type basement is the best solution!

Know that if you want to install a garage, it will be necessary to envisage the realization ofa garage slope, and arrange your garden in function. The nature of the construction work to be carried out may vary according to the type of basement chosen.

If you build your house in a flood zone, take all the necessary precautions to protect it. The type of basement most suitable to avoid the risk of water infiltration is the basement with crawl space.

Finally, an extra cost of 160 € / m2 is to be expected compared to the basement hedgehog (the simplest to achieve), because the basement-type basement requires digging the ground, and the work is more complex.

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