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The traditional bathtub leans against a wall, but it is no longer the only installation possible. Professionals are now able to offer bathtubs to sit in the center of a room, in a corner of bathroom and even dug in the ground.

The bathtub to ask

The bathtub to ask

The bathtub leaned against the wall

The traditional, rectangular bathtub leaning against the wall is probably the most classic and most present in the bathrooms. This location is suitable for both small and large bathrooms, which explains its popularity.

The wall allows including the addition of a shower column and a screen to reconcile the two modes of toilet, bath and shower. In addition, the installation of the bath, its faucets and the evacuation is here the simplest.

The corner bath

The corner bath, more original than its rectangular counterpart, has the great advantage of allowing an interesting saving of space. Located between two perpendicular walls it allows the development of a space dedicated to the bath which combines practicality and design.

Its installation benefits from the same advantages as the traditional bathtub since it is leaned against the wall. Thus, the installation of its faucet and its evacuation is simpler than that of other bathtubs to ask.

The bathtub on the floor

The bathtub on the ground or bathtub to be integrated, is melted in the decoration of the bathroom for a customization without limit. Although it can be raised by a podium, the current trend is in the basin embedded in the ground.

Its installation is complex and its layout reserved for apartments and houses on the ground floor. Only a professional will be able to ask "the pool", but the spa effect will be up to the effort and price requested.

The freestanding bathtub and the freestanding bathtub

These two types of bathtubs have the distinction of being able to settle wherever we want. These models allow a very original and trendy pose in the middle of the bathroom or bedroom.

This implementation is however more complex than for a conventional bathtub that we lean against a wall. The installation of a freestanding bathtub and a free-standing bathtub therefore requires the intervention of a professional who will provide an evacuation and a specific faucet.

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