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The 2-person bath or double bath can accommodate two people at a time. This very spacious device is appreciated for its practicality and undeniable comfort. Whether used as a solo or two, this bathtub offers real moments of relaxation, especially if it is a model "balneo". Available in several shapes and versions, the 2-seater bathtub is acclaimed by many...

2-place bathtubs

2-place bathtubs

A bathtub synonymous with relaxation

These baths 2 places are perfect for enjoying moments of relaxation, solo for maximum comfort or two for moments of shared intimacy. This bath accessory is thus distinguished from the basic model by its capacity of reception. Two people can sit side by side or face to face, depending on the model chosen. Several shapes are commercially available: round, oval, triangular (for corner baths), rectangular or square.

How to choose a double bathtub?

The choice of a 2-person bath must take into account the specificities of the bathroom. If the latter is rather modest size, it is better to focus on the corner bath that finds its place in a corner of the room. For a comfortable use and so that the room is not too overloaded, it still needs a minimum space of 152 x 65 centimeters (length x height), just for the tank.

If the bathroom is rather spacious, you can opt for a rectangular or rounded model. It is even possible to install a bathtub island for two. So that the users can settle in all ease and completely lie down, the tank displays an average length of 180 centimeters.

A 4-star bath!

Much more than a simple hygienic accessory, 2-place bathtubs can take on other functions, especially when you opt for the "whirlpool bath" model. Here, the bathtub offers various options entirely dedicated to pleasure and well-being.

In addition to enough space to accommodate two people, there are other interesting elements: an ergonomic seat, the presence of a headrest or massage by jets water - or hydromassage - at different levels of the body (the back, the feet...). The more sophisticated the model, the more complete the options. Some prestige models even offer to enjoy the chromotherapy bath, a method to relax under the effects of light.

Price side, they are quite high all depends on the model, size and features. But it is possible to find from about 1000 euros during winter sales or in factory outlets and destocking at discount prices.

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