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We have converted our attic rooms and want to create a bathroom. The partitions are gypsum plasterboard screwed to metal frameworks as the ceiling, the floor are wood panels. What materials do you recommend for floor, wall and ceiling coverings?

Warning! When building attics, you must first assess the capacity of the floor and, in the uncertainty, do not overload the structure for obvious reasons of safety. In the first place, choose light materials, both for installations and equipment.

Your main concern must be sealing. Unless the lift is low, you can use tiling, both on the walls and on the floor, with the latter, the interposition of a waterproofing membrane. Treat the joints with a water-repellent slip. You can also use a flexible waterproof floor covering such as PVC. Do not use laminate (unless it is recommended for damp rooms). For the ceiling and non-tiled wall parts, use a "special bathroom" moisture paint.

In any case, ensure good ventilation of the room.

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