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The retro style is back in force in the current decor of the rooms and the bathroom is no exception. To have a bathroom with a retro spirit, you have to play on accessories, equipment and colors.

A bathroom with a retro spirit

A bathroom with a retro spirit

The materials of a retro style bathroom

Different materials are possible to create a bathroom in the spirit of decoration:

  • The wood for a warm atmosphere
  • The floor tile to dress the walls and the floor
  • Stainless steel, brass or a mixture of metal and porcelain for sanitary equipment
  • Porcelain or ceramic for the bathtub with curved legs of course
  • The glass for all mirrors
  • The marble for the top of your furniture

The choice of materials is wide for the retro style but it is important to choose materials that are suitable for wet rooms to avoid any inconvenience thereafter.

The colors of your bathroom retro spirit

The most generalized colors in a retro style room are white and black completely adapted to a bathroom. However, beige, green, pink or the different shades of red integrate perfectly in the retro style of a bathroom.
The combination of black, white with one of these colors will brighten up your body of water and give it a very cozy atmosphere.
If you want to stay on a single color for your vintage bathroom, prefer the light and neutral colors that you decorate with decorations in wood, glass, stainless steel or brass to bring warmth to this monochrome piece.
The floor will dress black and white tiles for a checkerboard effect or an old wooden floor treated against moisture.
For a little more cheerfulness, parry your soil from octagonal tiles with cabochons in various colors. This floor will be perfect to accommodate your bathtub on foot.

Accessories to decorate a retro bathroom

  • No retro style without an atypical bathtub. Square or rounded lines, feet with original shapes or imposing base, the retro bathtub comes in many versions without removing the charm of this equipment.
  • Arrange mirrors of all shapes and styles everywhere in your room with a bonus magnifying mirror above the sink as at the time.
  • Find out in flea markets old faucets and sinks 50-60 years for a style completely retro.
  • Remove your shower screen and replace it with a shower curtain.
  • Change the current switches with old switches porcelain or wood.
  • Install antique wall sconces: the lighting should be discreet but sufficient.
  • Choose from period furniture to beautify your bathroom retro but do not forget to protect them from moisture.

Give free rein to your imagination so that your retro bathroom is as classy as possible while matching your style.

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