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A so-called column-beam structure is the backbone of a dwelling. Focus on this mode of construction particularly suited to complex architectural projects.

Post-beams, another mode of construction

In wooden constructions, the wood frame construction of the so-called stud-beam construction is distinguished.

  • The wood frame is the most common construction mode. The walls of the structure are made up of so-called uprights and wooden sleepers spaced apart from each other. On this structure of uprights and sleepers are installed wood panels that form the main frame of the construction.The beams-posts is a mode of construction adapted to the more complex architectural projects.
  • Poles and wooden beams form the framework of the building, the main structure of the house. Here, these elements are more spaced than on the wood frame which allows a greater flexibility in the shapes and volumes of the construction.

Post-beams is a construction technique used for both residential and single-family construction as well as for the construction of farm buildings, industrial buildings, sports complexes and gymnasiums, etc.

To note: we distinguish the wood frame, the beam-posts and the traditional frame. These are three different construction modes.

What are the advantages of a post-beam construction?

The construction technique from wooden poles and beams has many advantages.

  • It is a construction technique particularly adapted to complex projects: for more elaborate architectures, we will favor the construction in posts-beams. It allows greater freedom of form, volume and clearance of space than the traditional frame or wood frame.
  • She allows to create and clear large spaces of bay windows. Since this technique is based on a wider spacing of columns and beams that form the structure of the building, it is possible to install large windows.
  • The stud-beam construction technique is particularly used for develop alternative constructions as isolations with straw boots for example.

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