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To remedy a lack of space, it is common for two children to inherit one and the same room. In any case, it is essential to pay particular attention to the layout of the premises so that the two "small neighbors" each benefit from an independent space, for a successful cohabitation.

A room for 2 children, how to arrange and share space?

A room for 2 children, how to arrange and share space?

One bedroom, two spaces

When two children share a single room, it is essential to develop and share the space in order to create two distinct universes. Various tips are possible depending on the configuration of the room.

In the case where the room has modest dimensions, the idea is to delimit a corner for each child. This can be done through walls of different colors on each side, custom furniture with personal storage (with the name of the child), a bed of heaven (ideal for a girl's room) or a custom carpet for everyone. Or, it is also possible to create a delimitation on the ground (a colored band for example) to symbolize a "virtual border" and thus delimit the space of the two children.

In any case, even in the absence of physical separation or a removable partition, it is important to immediately recognize each dedicated space so that the child feels good in his "little world".

If the room is rather spacious, it is better to set up separation furniture offering storage spaces on one side or the other, or even a mid-partition in hard. Each "little roommate" is then allowed to decorate his universe according to his tastes and preferences using stickers, photos or posters.

Free space to make room for 2 children

Whether the room is spacious or not, it is necessary to empty the room as much as possible. The trick is then not to stack everything in the room, only the essential. Some elements can move in the attic or in a dressing room so as not to unnecessarily clutter the room: toys, winter clothes, shoes... Children, in fact, need a minimum of space to read, make their homework, play and receive their friends. It is then advisable to take into account the needs, requirements and expectations of each little one: what are his activities? What does he really need?

On the furniture side, it is necessary to adopt multifunctional models and not too big. For example, to bet on modular furniture, shelves, beds with storage drawers, box-beds.

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